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Vocabulary Questions

(Question-Type 2 — TOEFL Reading Section)

Remember! — All of the skills that you are tested for in The TOEFL Reading Section are skills that you already have.  The only difference is that you are being tested on your ability to do these things in English.  But as long as you are able to comprehend the English in these lessons, and you follow my directions…  You will do Excellently!  😎

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| TOEFL Excellencehe First Section Of The TOEFL Exam Is The Reading Section.  There are 7 Question-Types And 3 Task-Types.  They are all designed to test your ability to comprehend a written text, and to be able to LEARN from that written text, even if the subject is new material.  Because this is exactly what you will be doing in University.  😎

| TOEFL Excellencehe Question- & Task-Types in The TOEFL Reading Section ask you to demonstrate that you have these Reading Skills.  The next Question-Type that you will learn about in TOEFL Excellence is The Vocabulary Questions.

Notice!  —  The Name “TOEFL” is a Trademark of, and was created by Educational Testing Service (ETS).  “TOEFL Excellence” — and it’s parent site GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! are in-no-way affiliated with, nor endorsed-by ETS.  But like any traditional language school or TOEFL text-book — we provide educational services to those who wish to prepare for taking The TOEFL Exam.  We have been doing this for over 10 years…  (and we do it better than anyone else in the Universe)  😉

The lessons in this course (as well as everything else in the entire TOEFL Excellence Training System) are organized in a very logical way, with the sole purpose of helping you to achieve the score that you need and more on The TOEFL iBT Exam.

It would suit you best to follow the logical order of lessons, and to heed the instructions and suggestions that I provide throughout this course.  Even if you think that you already know everything about a certain subject or topic.  😉

~ “The Teacher” 😎

Here are some additional helpful resourses that will help you in your journey towards “TOEFL Excellence“, which will also supplement the material you read here.


The resources listed here should be read AFTER going through the lessons below, as a supplement to the lessons.  This is because they repeat a lot of information in a more “conversational” way, and are not as sequentially organized as the course material — but will certainly help to solidify what you learn in the course material.

If you have any questions about anything in this course, about any of the lessons, or about anything having to do with The TOEFL Exam — feel free to send me a message any time:

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TOEFL Excellence

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