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What You Need To Know & Have
Registering For The TOEFL iBT Exam

Remember! – The TOEFL Exam is NOT like any other English Proficiency Test that you may have taken before.  Additionally — there are a number of requirements for The TOEFL Exam that make it a REALLY bad idea to register for the exam BEFORE you ensure that you have and/or get get the things listed in this short course.  (If you have already registered, then you DEFINITELY need to ensure that you get these things!)

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| TOEFL Excellencehere are a few “things” that you will ABSOLUTELY need To Know & Have — as well as some very important skills that you will already need to possess BEFORE Even Thinking About registering for The TOEFL iBT Exam.


| TOEFL Excellencef you do NOT have these “things” (or possess these Skills) — then there is absolutely no point in going any further until you can check-off each of the items in the list that follows in this course.

Notice!  —  These are things that you will need to “get” on your own.  I am providing you with information about them, but for most of the things mentioned in this course there is no way for me to actually help you obtain them.  Just like when you are at University — you will have to find a way with the help that you are provided…  (Don’t Worry!  You Can Do It!)  😉

With the lessons in this course, it is clear that I’m having a little fun.  But that does not mean that this is not a serious course.  Everything That I Mention In This Entire Training System Is Serious.  I just like to have some fun in the process.  🤪

As I always say to every one of my student, “If you are not willing to have fun, then there is no point in coming to class!” — and that goes for everything in The TOEFL Excellence Training System as well.  😉

~ “The Teacher”  😎

Here are some additional helpful resources that will help you in your journey towards “TOEFL Excellence” — which will also supplement the material you read here.


The resources listed here should be read AFTER going through the lessons below, as a supplement to the lessons.  This is because they repeat a lot of information in a more “conversational” way, and are not as sequentially organized as the course material — but will certainly help to solidify what you learn in the course material.

If you have any questions about anything in this course;  about any of the lessons;  or about anything having to do with The TOEFL Exam itself — feel free to send me a message any time:

How Do I Do The TOEFL? (Your First Three Steps)

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