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“Your TOEFL Scores are not received immediately.  And there is no way to speed-up the process, just because you have a deadline…  Everyone has a deadline.  That is why you need to ensure that you have MORE time than you need, to ensure that your scores will be delivered BEFORE your deadline.”

~ "The Teacher"

TOEFL Scores, TOEFL Deadline

| TOEFL Excellencet takes between 6-10 days to have access to your scores on-line.  But those are NOT the official scores that you need to submit to the university.  It then takes 2-3 weeks for ETS to simply send your scores out to whatever university or organization you choose.  But this is only the time that they say it will take to be SENT by…  NOT to be delivered.

| TOEFL Excellencence they send the scores out — it is not their responsibility to have them delivered on time.  The delivery will take however long it takes depending on for the various mailing institutions and Customs Agencies around the world.  That could take between anywhere from 2-9 weeksMORE Than 2 Months!  (According to the information that they provide on the official website.)

| TOEFL Excellencehat is why you should have AT LEAST 3 Months of time AFTER The TOEFL Exam, and BEFORE your deadline, for your scores to be delivered.  Because — even if it takes longer than usual — your scores will still, most-likely arrive in time.

| TOEFL Excellencehat is why I stress that — even if 1-2 months for delivery is usual — 3 months should be the MINIMUM that you plan for.  This is because it takes between 2-3 weeks just for them to be put in the mail!  And you know that it always seems that the mail moves the slowest when it is REALLY important.  And this is why You Should NEVER Wait Until The Last Minute To Take Your TOEFL Exam!!!

  —  This is also another proof of why buying a so-called “TOEFL Certificate” on-line is a scam.  There is no such thing as a “TOEFL Certificate”!  ETS does not give or send you a physical “certificate” that you bring to the University.  They send your scores directly TO them…  NOT to you.

Therefore  —  If you try to present a “TOEFL Certificate” to a University Admissions department or an immigration office — there is about a 99.9% chance that they will know, INSTANTLY, that it is fake — and they will consider you to be a cheater — and you will be denied.


9. An Additional 3 Months AFTER The Exam...

You need a MINIMUM of 3 Additional Months AFTER the exam day for your TOEFL Scores to be sent.  That way you do not need to worry about your scores arriving in time.  Because you will have given enough time, even if the mail is moving slowly…  And if your scores arrive early…  That just makes you look good!  😎

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