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“Unfortunately — most of the people who have contacted me throughout the years — did NOT have enough time to prepare for The TOEFL Exam BEFORE they actually needed to take it.  This is mostly because no one but myself is actually telling everyone about The Entire TOEFL Process, and how long it takes.”

~ "The Teacher"

Preparation Time For The TOEFL

| TOEFL Excellenceou absolutely should have AT LEAST 3 Months To Prepare For The TOEFL Exam.  Yes, it is true that some people (maybe even you) can prepare effectively in less time than that.  But that only works if everything else in this course is ALREADY taken care of;  there are dates available;  and you are very determined to get through all the course material here.  But this is NOT how you should plan for taking The TOEFL Exam.  You should prepare for the exam with the LEAST amount of stress…  That means MORE PREPARATION TIME.

| TOEFL Excellenceo — If you want to be a TOEFL CHAMPION — then 3 Months is the MINIMUM amount of time that you should give yourself to prepare, before your exam.  This is mainly because — in many places — the dates fill-up quickly, or there are a limited amount of dates available.  And if you do not already have the other things mentioned in this course — you will need time to get those things as well.  And all of those things take time.

  —  This is the MINIMUM amount of time suggested so that you do not have to prepare everything under stress.  Many of you are students and have a lot MORE time than that.  Your TOEFL scores are valid for 2 years.  It is better to get them MONTHS before your deadline.  Once you get into University, you may never need them again in the following 2 years.

If This Is Not Possible  —  Unfortunately, many people do not even find-out that they NEED to take the TOEFL until a month before their deadline (or LESS!).  This Is NOT Possible In ANY Reality.  (You will find-out why in the next lesson.)  However —  if you have less than 3 months — but more than 1 month before your deadline — Send Me A Message and I will let you know what is possible.  😎


8. At Least 3 Months BEFORE Exam Day...

As mentioned above — this is mostly about having enough time to get or organize all the OTHER stuff you need (listed in this course) — but this is ALSO so that you have enough time to PROPERLY prepare.  That is why you should have AT LEAST 3 Months to prepare for The TOEFL Exam 😎

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How Do I Do The TOEFL? (Your First Three Steps)

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