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“If you try to cheat on The TOEFL Exam by buying a fake “TOEFL Certificate” on-line — the ONLY person that you will be cheating is YOURSELF!!!”  💀

~ "The Teacher"


| TOEFL Excellencevery single day — MULTIPLE times a day — I have to delete posts and ban people from the TOEFL Excellence Facebook Group for posting comments — trying to get people to buy their fake scams.  They try to sell fake “TOEFL Certificates” (of-which there is no such thing). Or, they claim that they work for The British Council (which has NOTHING to do with The TOEFL Exam!!!)  — and claim that they can raise your score, or give you scores without actually doing the exam!!!

  —  There Is NO SUCH THING as a “TOEFL Certificate”.  When you submit your scores to a University, or other organization, they are sent directly from ETS to that organization.

Therefore  —  If you present any kind of “certificate” — they will know IMMEDIATELY that you are a cheater.  Or, at least, that you were fooled.  And you will, ALMOST CERTAINLY, be instantly banned from being accepted to that University, or for that Scholarship!

| TOEFL Excellenceut beyond the fact that such things are SCAMS!!! — Even if you DID get accepted by cheating in this way — the idea that you can save money and effort by somehow NOT taking The TOEFL Exam — like every other HONEST person has to do — is completely backwards!  You will only be cheating yourself (and whoever else may be paying for your University).

| TOEFL Excellencehis is because — if your TOEFL scores say that your English skills are good-enough to function in an English-speaking university — but then you get there and find out that you are NOT good enough…  Then you will completely fail, and lose A LOT more money than if you would have just paid for Proper TOEFL Preparation and the registration to take the ACTUAL Exam.

| TOEFL Excellencend that is why you should not think of The TOEFL Exam as some annoying bureaucratic “thing” that you have to “get past”, just to get into University.  But instead — think of it as something that you NEED to succeed on — so that you KNOW that you will ALSO be able to succeed at University!  Now, that changes the perspective a little bit, doesn’t it?  😎


Can't I Just Buy A TOEFL Certificate?

If You Want To Waste A Lot Of Time & Money — And Show That You Are A Failure…  Yeah, Sure.  No one is stopping you from being a loser.  But, If You Want To Be SUCCESSFUL At University And Make Something Of Yourself…  NO!  You will have to actually do the work to succeed.  But don’t worry…  I’ll help you  😉

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