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“It is an interesting thing, that a person can have all the skill in the world — but if they lack the confidence to do well — they may not do any better than someone with half their ability.

This is why I NEVER tell my students that something is ‘Difficult’, or ‘Tricky’ as a way of justifying their frustration with something that may be complex.  There is NOTHING ‘Difficult’ or ‘Tricky’ about doing The TOEFL Exam.  It may be complex — AT FIRST! — but that is NOT the same as ‘Difficult’ or ‘Tricky’.

You simply need to follow my instructions and practice what you learn.  By doing so, you will naturally build the confidence that you need to Achieve Excellence On The TOEFL iBT Exam!!!.

(Just think of all the other things you have learned in life that actually WERE difficult!  (Like:  walking, talking, somehow getting through high-school, etc..  The TOEFL Exam is NOTHING compared to THOSE things.)”  😎

~ "The Teacher"

Confidence For The TOEFL Exam

| TOEFL Excellenceaving confidence in your abilities is essential for The TOEFL Exam — because taking exams can be a nerve-wracking experience for some people.  The best ways to have confidence are:

1.  By Knowing What To Expect In The Particular Situation

2.  By Learning HOW To Handle The Particular Situation

3.  By Practicing What You Learn So That It Becomes “Second Nature”

| TOEFL Excellencell of these things — and MUCH MUCH More — you will get from The TOEFL Excellence Training System.  So please share this information with anyone else that you know who needs to take The TOEFL Exam.  😉

Notice!  —  Everyone is different.  Some people are naturally confident, and others are much more timid.  I can not change your personality or mental state of being through these courses (at least I can’t guarantee such a thing). 😀  But I can give you all the information that you need to succeed.  And that is exactly what I have done with The TOEFL Excellence Training System  😎


11. Confidence...

You will definitely need to be confident in your abilities in order to succeed on The TOEFL Exam.  Whatever you do to build confidence on your own — Do That!  And I will help you by giving you ALL of the information you need — as well as all the encouragement that you deserve.

Now Let’s Get To It!  😛

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