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“The people at the Official TOEFL Testing Center are required to provide you with working equipment to take the exam.  But it is YOUR responsibility to check that it is working (there is an equipment check that happens before the exam begins to ensure that the equipment is working properly).  If the equipment is NOT working properly — you MUST tell them…  (otherwise it will be you who suffers)”

~ "The Teacher"

Format Of The TOEFL Exam.

Your Headphones & Microphone

| TOEFL Excellence

| TOEFL Excellencelthough it is required for The Official Testing-Center to provide you with (as the organization that created The Exam says) “Noise-Cancelling” Headphones and a Microphone — this will probably be in the form of a Head-Set with a built-in Microphone.

| TOEFL Excellenceowever — I can pretty-much guarantee that the headphones they provide to you will NOT actually be “Noise-Cancelling”.  In fact — at some points during the exam — you may even need to cover your ears with the headphones pressed to your head, to block-out the noise in the room.  This is not ideal.  But it is what it is.  So you must adapt because there is nothing else you can do about it.  😐

Unfortunately  —  once a school or business has been approved to be an Official Testing-Center — there is almost no over-sight to ensure that the people at the Testing-Center live-up to their requirements.  I have spoken with far too many people who said that the Headphones or Microphone did not work properly, and were told that they had to re-do the exam.  However — if the problem was faulty equipment — then the responsibility is that of the testing center.  👿

If This Happens — unfortunately, you will have to take the exam again.  But the fault lies with the testing center.  If you take “The Home Edition” — the responsibility is all yours.  There will be no refund and you will have to pay again to take the exam again.  This is only one of the many reasons why you should NOT take “The Home Edition”.  But you also need to know that…

If You Need To Re-Take The Exam For Technical Reasons…

  • That Process Takes Time — (this is why you should follow my advice on how much time you need to prepare.  If you do NOT — then a problem like this could mean that you lose the opportunity you were taking the exam for, in the first place.)
  • You Still Have To Take The Entire Exam Over — (Not Just The Portion That Was Affected)

The Solution…

| TOEFL Excellencef there IS a problem with any of the equipment they provide you with — you MUST tell someone Immediately!  That way, they can provide you with the proper equipment or a different computer.  There will be an equipment test that happens before The Exam begins.  This is when you have the opportunity to do this.  If your equipment does not work, and you do not say anything — any problems that follow will be your fault for not speaking-up.  (This is another thing that confidence will help with.)  😉

Fix This Shit - TOEFL Excellence

But The Best Things That You Could Do Is…

        • If You Know Where You Will Be Taking The Exam — go there early and ask to see the Testing-Center & Equipment
        • If You Know Someone Who Has Taken The Exam At The Testing-Center You Will Be Going To — ask what their experience was so you can prepare

Pretty Smart Huh? - TOEFL Excellence


What About The Headphones & Microphone?

Remember to take VERY seriously, the equipment check that happens before the exam begins.  If you do not let them know if there is a problem with the equipment, then you could lose a lot of time & money.

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