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First, Watch The Video Above

“The best way to do The TOEFL Exam — is to keep doing what you are doing now.  Which is to follow the instructions and suggestions in these lessons.  It is the BEST Way To ‘Achieve Excellence On The TOEFL iBT Exam!!!’

~ "The Teacher"

| TOEFL Excellencen the above quote, is the slogan for The TOEFL Excellence Training System.  I have designed ALL of the courses & lessons in this entire system — so that you will not simply “pass” the exam.  But that you Absolutely WILL “Achieve Excellence On The TOEFL iBT Exam!!!”.  That is both the slogan and the goal!  😎

| TOEFL Excellenceo “Excel” means:  “To be more”“Be better”“Do better”“Go farther”, etc..  And that is exactly what we will do, together.  And we are going to cover EVERYTHING that was mentioned in the video above…  (Some of it, we already have!)  😎

  —  Any teacher or ad for a course that guarantees that you will raise your score by a certain number of points is simply using basic marketing tactics on you.  There is NO way to guarantee any such thing.  There are far too many factors involved to be able to do that.

However!  —  If you have at-least all of The Essential Preliminaries (which are covered in the next course) — and you do as I say in these lessons — then You WILL Succeed.  One of the things that I always tell my students is, to aim for MORE than what you NEED to achieve…  In that way, you will almost definitely achieve it!  Most of my students DO achieve 10 points more than they need.  But that is because they did the work, and they followed my instructions…  Are You Ready To Do The Same?  😎


How Do I Do The TOEFL Exam?

You do it by following the instructions in this course.  And if you want to completely DOMINATE The TOEFL iBT Exam — then you should do EVERY SINGLE LESSON, & QUIZ in The TOEFL Excellence Training System. (Not skipping ANYTHING!)  🎓

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How Do I Do The TOEFL? (Your First Three Steps)

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