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First, Watch The Video Above

“The University or Organization for-which you are taking The TOEFL Exam will give you the information that you need…  But it is YOUR responsibility to ask for it!”

~ "The Teacher"

| TOEFL Excellencemazingly — I am contacted every day, by people who have NO Idea how to figure-out if they need to take The TOEFL Exam or not…  But this is one of the EASIEST steps in the entire process!  If you don’t already know that you DO need to take The TOEFL Exam, then just watch the video above.  If you HAVE watched it, and you didn’t “get it”…  Watch it again!  😉

  —  Obviously, every website for Universities or Scholarship organizations is going to be different.  But there will absolutely be a way to contact the “Admissions Department” on any university web-site.  If you do not see a tab in the top menu of the site (at the top of the page) — look at the bottom of the page.  Look for either “Admissions” or “Contact”.  This is standard on ALL websites.  (At least for those that want to do business.)

As For Scholarships  —  If the scholarship is not coming directly from the University iteslf — then they probably won’t have an “Admissions Department”.  But they will almost certainly have a “Contact” link or page somewhere on their site.  😉

| TOEFL Excellencend if you are taking The TOEFL Exam for immigration purposes — then the next logical step would be to contact the embassy for the country that you want to emigrate to, and ask them for the requirements…  Just like you would with a University.  Easy Right?!  😎


How Do I Find Out If I Need To Take The TOEFL Exam?

Simply contact the University, Organization, or Immigration Office that you think you MIGHT need to take the exam for — and ask them…  It’s that simple.  😎

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How Do I Do The TOEFL? (Your First Three Steps)

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