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Listening Skills Tested

TOEFL Listening Section

| TOEFL Excellencehe Listening skills which are tested-for in The TOEFL Exam are designed to ensure that you will be able to comprehend University-Level Academic Lectures, and the types of conversations that you would have while being involved in “University-Life”.  The necessary skills that will be needed, and are tested here are as follows:

Listening For Basic Comprehension Of…

      • The Main Idea
      • Supporting Details
      • New Vocabulary

Listening For Pragmatic Comprehension

      • Ability To Recognize A Speaker’s Attitude
      • Ability To Recognize A Speaker’s Degree Of Certainty
      • Ability To Recognize A  Speaker’s Purpose For Speaking
      • Ability To Recognize The Function Of Some Information Stated

The Ability To Connect & Synthesize Information

      • To Recognize The Organization Of Information Presented
      • To Comprehend The Relationship Between Ideas Presented
      • To Comprehend The Relation Between Different Ideas & Information
      • To Make Inferences Based-On Information Not Directly Stated
      • To Make Connections Between Pieces Of Information That ARE Stated
      • To Recognize Information Which Is Not Relevant Or Important


The Listening Skills Tested-For In The TOEFL Exam...

As with the Skills in The Reading Section — you should already possesses all of these skills — at least in your own native language.  The Listening Section of The TOEFL Exam is simply testing your ability to do all of these things in English.  😉

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