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The Organizational Structure Of The Lectures In
The Listening Section

TOEFL Format - Structure Of The TOEFL

| TOEFL Excellenceimilar to The Reading Section — there are also different types of Organizational Structures that you will hear when listening to The Lectures in The TOEFL Listening Section.

| TOEFL Excellencehis is because — as you just learned — the material is basically a spoken version of the type of texts that you read in The Reading Section.  (Although the actual subject-matter will be different, of course.)  These Organizational Structures are:

        • Classification
        • Compare & Contrast
        • Cause & Effect
        • Problem ⇒ Solution

| TOEFL Excellenceou will not need to identify these Organizational Structures in order to answer any of the Questions.  However — noticing which structure is being used by the speaker in the Lecture can certainly help you decide which information is important, and which is not.

| TOEFL Excellencedditionally — it can help to know how the information is organized — Thus, making it easier to fulfill some of the Tasks in The Listening Section.

You Will Learn About All Of This As We Go Through Each
Question- & Task-Type In The Listening Section 😎


Organizational Structure Of The Lectures In The TOEFL Exam...

Just like in the TOEFL Reading Section — The organizational structure of the Lectures in The TOEFL Listening Section are basically the same as you would experience in any school setting.  So you have already experienced these, probably, hundreds of time before  😎

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