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Overview Of The TOEFL Speaking Section

TOEFL Speaking Section

The TOEFL Speaking Section

1 “Independent” Speaking Task
Preparation Time:  15 Seconds

Preparation Time:  45 Seconds

. .
3 “Integrated” Speaking Tasks
2 — Read/Listen/Speak
Preparation Time:  30 Seconds

Response Time:  60 Seconds

1 —
Preparation Time:  20 Seconds

Response Time:  60 Seconds

Notice!  —  The above information about the difference before and after the July, 2023 change is to show that if you attempt to get information about The TOEFL Exam from any other source — it is, very likely, out-of-date and not accurate.  Luckily — The TOEFL Excellence Training system, and “The Teacher” have all the information that you need to know about The TOEFL Exam (so there is no need to go elsewhere for your TOEFL information).  😉

| TOEFL Excellencehe Speaking Section of The TOEFL iBT Exam is the third Section that you will encounter.  If you take the exam BEFORE the changes that are coming in July, 2023, — then it will start immediately after the timed 10-Minute Break.  If you are taking the exam AFTER the changes — there will be no break.  It will start right after The Listening Section.

| TOEFL Excellencehe purpose of this Section is, obviously, to test your ability to speak clearly & effectively in English.  And the situations that the exam uses to do this are mimicking the type of situations that you would experience in a university setting.

Bonus!!!  —  Un-like other proficiency exams — The TOEFL Exam asks you to speak about very specific things, so even if you may be shy and do not like speaking to others, you simply need to learn what to say and how to say it — and then you will have no problems with this Section.  😎

| TOEFL Excellences the table above shows — there are two different Task-Types.  The so-called “Independent” Tasks — and the “Integrated” Tasks (the names being chosen by the organization that created & administers The Exam).  However —  there are also further differentiations of these Tasks under each of those headings.

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