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“Not only is proper identification a requirement for The TOEFL Exam — it is also a basic requirement for so many things in the world today — Including going to University, and travelling to another country.  But the best form for The TOEFL Exam (and all those other things) is a Passport.”

~ "The Teacher"

Identification For The TOEFL

| TOEFL Excellenceost people who take The TOEFL Exam are doing it to attend a University in another country.  In-which case you will need to have a Passport.  And since getting a passport ALSO takes time (different in every country) — if you do not already have one — then you should DEFINITELY start the process of getting your passport right away!

| TOEFL Excellencehe makers of The TOEFL Exam do not say, specify, that you must have a “passport” — only that you need to have a “Government Issued ID”.  And if you are taking The TOEFL for some other reason, and you are NOT leaving your country — then your “normal” Government ID will work just fine…  But a passport is still better.

  —  This is yet another of the many reasons why it is recommended that you start preparing for your TOEFL Exam MANY months ahead of time.  Because If you do not yet have a passport — you will (probably) need to get one.  That could take weeks or even MONTHS to receive it.  So start the process now!  And then you can study while you are waiting for your passport to arrive.  😎

Or  —  If you already have a passport — then that is one less thing that you need to worry about.  Now you can study for The TOEFL Exam without having to think about that.  😎


10. The Proper Identification...

Although it is stated that you only need “A Government Issued ID” — it is MUCH better to use — specifically — a Passport.  So if you don’t yet have one — you should start THAT process as well.

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