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Reading Section — Skills, Strategies & Techniques

TOEFL Reading Section

“Every Section, Question, & Task in The TOEFL Exam tests for specific abilities.  Knowing what these abilities are, before-hand, will help you to test BETTER than if you went in blindly — not knowing what exactly they are asking for.”

~ "The Teacher"

| TOEFL Excellencen every Section of The TOEFL Exam — there are certain strategies you should follow, and techniques you should used — in order to “Achieve Excellence On The TOEFL Exam” — while answering each Question-Type, and fulfilling each of the two Task-Types.

| TOEFL Excellencehe various techniques for effectively answering the different Question-Types & Fulfilling each of the two Task-Types in The Reading Section will be covered in the Lessons devoted to each one.  But before we get to those — the two techniques that you should be VERY familiar with BEFORE taking The TOEFL Exam are:  “Skimming” & “Scanning”.

Skimming & Scanning - TOEFL Excellence

| TOEFL Excellencehere is about a 99.999% chance that you already know what these two techniques are, and how to use them.  And if you use the internet as much as I’m sure that you do — then you probably use both of them on a regular basis (whether you know it or not) — even if only while reading in your own native language.

But For The Other 0.001%, I Will Briefly Say That…

| TOEFL Excellence“Skimming” — is used to Quickly Look Over A Text for the purpose of Gathering Key Information, without actually reading the text, in any great depth.

        • The Purpose Of This Technique Is To Get A General Idea Of What The Content Is
        • This Is Done Almost Every Time A Person Visits A Web-Page That Has More Than Just Pictures Or Videos

| TOEFL Excellence“Scanning” — is very much the same, but is used to Search Through A Text, with the intent of Finding Specific Information — rather than reading the entire text.

        • This is done by searching for Specific Key Words & Phrases and their Synonyms and (sometimesAntonyms


How To Skim & Scan...

      • You First Skim The Text To Find-Out The General Idea — (or what is referred to as the “Gist” of the text)
        • this is done by discovering Key Words & Phrases
      • You, then, Scan The Text To Search For Specific Information With The Knowledge Of What You Are Looking For

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