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“Thousands of people take The TOEFL Exam every week, all around the world.  There is no way that the organization is going to make changes to fit your schedule — even if it was possible (which it is not).  You must change YOUR schedule — and possibly some other things in your life — to fit the available dates for (and conditions of) The TOEFL Exam.”

~ "The Teacher"

Are You Kidding Me - TOEFL Excellence

| TOEFL Excellencet is literally not possible (and completely un-realistic) to think that the organization that created & administers the exam would change their schedule to accommodate you.  You are only 1 person out literally thousands of test-takers, every week.  They will not change their schedule (and thus, the schedule of everyone else taking the exam on that day), just because the date may not be convenient for you.

| TOEFL Excellencet is also not possible to add more dates or locations just for you…  Or to let you take the exam AGAIN because you weren’t feeling well, or simply forgot that you had an exam that YOU scheduled.  If you make an appointment in the real world, and don’t show up — there is a good chance you will still have to pay for that appointment or miss that opportunity.  The same applies with The TOEFL Exam.

  —  For most of you, this may seem a bit ridiculous.  But I have been contacted by MANY people asking such things.  I was even contacted by someone’s mother stating that the air-conditioning in the testing room was not adequate for her son…  🤦

Warning!  —  Don’t be like these people…  Or I might end up using you as an example in one of my lessons.  😎


4. The Ability To Accommodate Your Schedule...

This is true about SO MANY things in life.  If you are still a student, perhaps you haven’t had to experience this very much.  But in life, there are some things which are NOT flexible, and for-which no excuses will suffice…  This is one of them  😐

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