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Before July, 2023

“There simply will not be enough toilets for everyone to use during the only 10-minute break during The TOEFL Exam.  You’re going to have to just ‘Hold It’.”

~ "The Teacher"

After July, 2023

“After the July, 2023 — The TOEFL Exam WILL be shorter.  However —  because of this change — there will no-longer be a 10-minute break in the exam.  There will not be ANY break during the exam at all!  So you will STILL need to be able to ‘Hold It’ for the duration of the exam.”

~ "The Teacher"

No Time For A Bathroom Break During The TOEFL Exam

| TOEFL Excellencet is NOT a good idea to drink a lot of coffee before the exam!  And if you are allowed to bring a water bottle into the testing-room — you should not drink a lot of it.  Only use it to take small sips to keep your mouth from drying out.  (Something which you can’t do with The Home Edition!…  In Your OWN HOME!!!)

| TOEFL Excellencef You Take The Exam BEFORE The Changes Happen — there may only be 1 toilet in the entire testing center.  AND, you only have one 10-minute break during the exam.  They WILL NOT wait for you to return.  The Exam starts automatically after the 10 minutes.  And the section that starts right after the break is The Speaking Section.  So if you are not at your computer, and ready to start speaking…  You WILL lose vital points on The Exam.

| TOEFL Excellencef You Take The Exam AFTER The Changes Happen (July, 2023) — then there is NO time for you to take a bathroom break.  If you get up to go to the bathroom during the exam — YOU WILL LOSE POINTS!!!  Since the exam runs automatically — there is no way for them to pause it for you.

  –  Unless you have some sort of medical condition — at this point in your life — you absolutely SHOULD be able to refrain from using the bathroom.  Whether that is for the 3-4 hour version before July, 2023 — or the 2 hour version after July, 2023.

And  –  If you DO have some sort of medical condition — then you can read about what accommodations that ETS will make for you in your situation.  Just Click Here To Get That Information.


7. The Ability To "Hold It"...

At the age of those who are taking The TOEFL Exam — this is something that you all SHOULD be able to do.  This is more a warning about getting back to your computer before the 10-minute break finishes.  If you have a medical condition that makes this difficult — then you can Click Here — To Find Out What Accommodations Can Be Made For You

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