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“Staying Focused is important in any exam.  But it is absolutely ESSENTIAL with The TOEFL Exam.  This is because the entire exam is automated, so if you are not paying attention, you may miss something.  And there will be a lot of other people typing or speaking at the same time, so there are a lot of possible distractions.”

~ "The Teacher"

Remain Focused For The TOEFL Exam

| TOEFL Excellenceecause of the way that The TOEFL Exam is delivered — you will need to have The Ability To Remain Focused In A Room With Many Other People — All Typing or Talking At The Same Time.

| TOEFL Excellenceven though you will be wearing headphones during the exam — and you MAY even be in an enclosed cubicle — it could still be quite distracting when everyone else is making lots of noise at the same time.  Being able to remain focused is absolutely essential.

  —  Even though the creators of the exam say that you will be using “Noise-Cancelling” headphones during the exam — Every single person that I have spoken to who has taken the exam, all around the world, has said that they were NOT “noise-cancelling”.  They are (usually) nothing more than a cheap set of headphones with a built-in microphone.  And very-often, the cheapest kind available.

Not To Worry!  —  There is a period of time before the exam starts, where-in you will do an equipment check to ensure that the headphones & microphone work properly.  If they do not — you MUST say something.  The people at the testing center are REQUIRED to provide you with working equipment.  If they do not, then they are responsible.  This is another reason why the “Home Edition” is a BAD IDEA!!!  In The Home Edition — if your equipment (or the ProctorU website) is not working — they will say that it is YOUR fault…  (even if it isn’t).  😐


6. The Ability To Remain Focused...

As stated above — you MUST be able to remain focused — no matter what other noise there might be in the testing room, or outside the testing-room window.  If you lose focus, you could miss essential information for one of the questions or tasks — or just lose time…  All-of-which will cost you points.

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