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“Some people are lucky, and have a TOEFL Testing Center in their own town.  Others may have to travel for very long distances.  But no matter how close or far away the testing center is…  You will have to find a way to get there.”

~ "The Teacher"

Travel To The TOEFL Testing Center - TOEFL Excellence

| TOEFL Excellencehis is another one that should be obvious.  But I get contacted by a lot of people who ask me to add a testing center to their town so they don’t have to travel…  (I don’t think they really understand what they are asking).  They want someone to start an entire business and go through the process of getting approved to be a testing center, just to save them a couple hours of travel.  This is not only ridiculous, but it is also…  Well, it’s just ridiculous.  😆

| TOEFL Excellenceome people in this world, LITERALLY, have to travel to another COUNTRY just to take The TOEFL Exam!!!  (Which is also ridiculous, but that is a completely separate issue.)  The point is:  New testing centers DO open up sometimes, and others close down.  But it is VERY rare for a new center to open up.  If there is no TOEFL Testing Center in your town — you will have to travel to whichever testing center that you chose when you register for the exam.  There is no other way…  (At least not if you want to be successful and not lose your money.)

  —  Yes, there is the so-called “Home Edition” of The TOEFL Exam, but I will NEVER recommend that ANYONE do that version of the exam as long as it is being managed in the way that it is.  The company that acts as your monitor during that exam is one of THE MOST UN-ETHICAL companies on the planet!!! And they are also incredibly rude and have virtually non-existent customer service.  😐

Do Not Lose Your Time & Money!!!  —  I have been contacted by FAR too many people who have lost their time & money by taking the TOEFL Home Edition, only to find that EVERYTHING that I said about it in This Article & Video were 100% correct…  Don’t Do It!!!


5. The Ability To Travel...

You ABSOLUTELY will need to have the ability to travel to the nearest (or preferred) official TOEFL Testing Center — Because the “Home Edition” is terrible, and the testing center won’t come to you.  😉

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