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“Having the ability to type in English, on a standard keyboard, is essential to maximize your time on The TOEFL Exam…  This does not mean text-message typing.  This means typing with both hands, using all of your fingers.  This will also be essential in any University setting, and for most jobs in life after that.”

~ "The Teacher"

| TOEFL Excellence

| TOEFL Excellencet will be absolutely ESSENTIAL that you have the ability to type (quickly) on a standard computer keyboard — often referred to as a QWERTY keyboard…  (It is the kind that comes with any computer, no matter what country you are in.)

| TOEFL Excellencehis will really only affect the Writing Section of The TOEFL Exam — but as with every skill that is tested in The TOEFL Exam — these are skills that will be absolutely ESSENTIAL when you are at University or in most jobs that you would have AFTER University…  And that is why you are expected to have this skill BEFORE taking The TOEFL Exam.

| TOEFL Excellenceou don’t have to be as fast as the guy in the image above.  You can even type with only two fingers (although I don’t recommend it) — as long as you know where all the keys are — and you are able to finish your writing responses in the allotted time.  If you don’t already have this skill, then you will need to take a Touch-Typing class.  Almost all of them on-line are free…  Here’s One.  😎

  —  I often tell people that they should go to their testing center BEFORE the exam day, and ask to see the computers, or the testing room, so that they can know what to expect.  There are strict standards to BECOME an official testing center — but I don’t think that those standards are ever monitored after the testing center has been approved.

Because Of This  —  If you see that the keyboard on your computer at the testing center has all the letters worn off.  Or there aren’t any English letters on it at all, then you need to request a different computer.  And although this is a fairly un-likely situation — I have heard from a test-taker about this happening to them.  So, you need to be aware of all possibilities BEFORE Exam Day.  😎


2. You Need To Have The Ability To Type...

You do not need to be super fast at typing.  You just need to be able to type with enough speed that you will finish your writing responses in-time.  If you do not know how to type — then you need to take a Touch-Typing Class.  😎

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