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“You Will Absolutely NEED To Have The Necessary English Skills In Order To Be Able To Take The TOEFL Exam…  This is just common sense.”

~ "The Teacher"

| TOEFL Excellence

| TOEFL Excellenceor you to be able to achieve your minimum required score — you will ABSOLUTELY need to have AT-LEAST an Intermediate Level of English skills in order for you to comprehend:  the Instructions, the Questions, the Reading Passages, and the Audio Files In The TOEFL Exam.  However, that is the bare minimum.  It would be much better if your skills were even higher than that.

| TOEFL Excellenceut beyond needing this level for The TOEFL — you will almost certainly need to have a higher level of English skills to be able to function in an English-Speaking University.  If you DO have this level of English — The TOEFL Excellence System will certainly teach you how to USE the skills that you already HAVE, in-order-to succeed on the exam.

| TOEFL Excellencedditionally — by going through these lessons, you will also improve EXACTLY the skills that you need for both the exam, and for English-speaking life in general.  So you are not just preparing for The TOEFL Exam…  You’re preparing for Life!  😉

  —  In my many years of teaching English, I have seen that about 98% of people who are learning English, think that their skills are much lower than they actually are.  If you can comprehend the English in these lessons, then your reading level is probably good enough for the TOEFL.  The rest just takes practice.

Conversely  — I have also noticed that a lot of people think that, by taking a class at a language school, they have achieved the level of English that the class was for.  This is very-often NOT true.  If you do not comprehend the English in these lessons — then you may need to supplement this course, with general English classes.  😎


1. You Need To Have The Necessary English Skills...

If your English skills are not high enough to be able to comprehend the language used in the exam — and to formulate your spoken and written responses — then you will succeed at neither The TOEFL Exam, nor University.  But if you CAN comprehend these lessons — then I will show you HOW to succeed  😎

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