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The Organizational Structure Of Reading Passages & Audio Files In The TOEFL Speaking Section

TOEFL Format - Structure Of The TOEFL

| TOEFL Excellences for The “Independent” Tasks in The Speaking Section — there is no particular “Organizational Structure”.  It is/they are simply statement(s) of what you are supposed to talk about in your Response.

| TOEFL Excellences for the other Tasks in this section — The Organizational Structure of The Reading Passages & Audio Files is one or more of the same structures that you will have encountered in the previous Sections of The Exam.  For example:

        • Classification
        • Compare & Contrast
        • Cause & Effect
        • Problem ⇒ Solution

| TOEFL Excellenceou won’t necessarily have to identify these Organizational Structures in order to fulfill the Tasks in this Section — however, noticing which structure is being used (and know HOW to fulfill each task) can certainly help you with formulating your Response.

Bonus Awesome!!!  —  You will see how you can use this information to your advantage when we go through each individual Task-Type.  😎


Organizational Structure Of The Reading Passages & Audio Files...

Just like in the TOEFL Reading & Listening Sections — The organizational structure of the Lectures in The TOEFL Speaking Section are basically the same as you would experience in any school setting.  So you have already experienced these, probably, hundreds of time before  😎

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