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The Organizational Structure Of The Reading Passages In The TOEFL Reading Section

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| TOEFL Excellenceesides the different “styles” of Reading Passages that you have just learned about — there are also four different typical Organizational Structures that you will see in The Exam.

| TOEFL Excellencey the term “Organizational Structure” I am referring to terms that you probably learned in an English class, or perhaps in a Grammar class in your own native language.  But anyone who is attempting to enter a university should already be aware of these different writing “Structures” — even if only in their own native language.  They are:

        • Classification
        • Compare & Contrast
        • Cause & Effect
        • Problem ⇒ Solution

| TOEFL Excellenceou won’t have to identify these Organizational Structures to answer any of the Questions on the exam.  However — noticing which Structure the Reading Passage is using can certainly help you with the Tasks where-in you will have to Identify & Summarize the organization of ideas in The Passages.

We Will Cover This Further When You Learn About Each Of Those Particular Task-Types


The Organizational Structure Of The TOEFL Reading Passages...

Similar to the “Style” of The Reading Passage — it is not necessary to know about the “Organizational Structure”.  However — recognizing this CAN help you to save time, because knowing what the structure is will help you with some of the questions…  (I’ll show you when we get there)  😎

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