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TOEFL Reading Section
Questions & Tasks

Question-Types - TOEFL Excellence

| TOEFL Excellencend now that your head has been filled with lots of information about The Reading Passages (which is necessary to a full education on The TOEFL Exam) — it is finally time to start learning about the different Question- & Task-Types in The TOEFL Reading Section.

The Reading Question Formats

| TOEFL Excellencehere are a few different types of Question & Task formats that will appear in The Reading Section of The Exam.  And you have probably already experienced every single one of them in your own schooling.

        • Traditional Multiple-Choice Questions(a question with four choices and one correct answer)
        • Sentence Insertion Tasks(a sentence is given with four choices for where it can be put into The Reading Passage)
        • Category Chart Tasks(information must be organized by specific categories into a chart)
        • Summary Tasks(different summary statements are given — some must be used and some excluded — in-order-to create a summary of the entire reading passage)

| TOEFL Excellencehere are 7 different “Question-Types” in The TOEFL Reading Section, but ALL of them will be Multiple Choice Questions.  There are only three “Task-Types”, and those are listed above.  The makers of the exam, and all other TOEFL courses, text-books, and teachers wrongly refer to them as “Questions”…  but they are not…  They are clearly “Tasks”.  And that is why, in TOEFL Excellence we correctly refer to them as such.  😎

Now It Is Finally Time To Learn Everything You Need To Know About All Of The Different Questions And Tasks

So…  Let’s Get Into It!!!


The Questions & Tasks Of The TOEFL Reading Section...

All of the different styles of Questions & Tasks in The TOEFL Reading Section (listed above) are such that you almost certainly have done them all before…  Now, Let’s Get Into The Actual Question-Types  😎

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