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The Reading Passages & Audio Files
In The TOEFL Writing Section

TOEFL Writing Section

| TOEFL Excellences you know — there will only be 2 different Tasks in The Writing Section.  And as with the similarities between The Reading & Listening Section — The Tasks in The Writing Section are very similar to two Tasks in The Speaking Section.

| TOEFL Excellenceor the first Task — just like with The Speak Section“Combining Information” Task — you will have to read a passage about some Academic Topic, and then listen to an Audio File about the same Topic.

| TOEFL Excellences for the “Style” of both The Reading Passage & The Audio File — they are the same as any of the Academic Reading Passages or Audio Files in any other Section of The TOEFL Exam.  They could be…

      • Explanation
      • Point Of View
      • Historical

| TOEFL Excellences for the Lectures, these are — once again — virtually the same Style & Structure as The Reading Passages in The Reading & Listening Sections.  The length of The Audio Files of this type are also about the same length (as far as word-count), and the topics are also the same — usually…

      • Scientific(Biology, Geology, Sociology, etc.)
      • Literary(a Person, Period, or Style of Classical Literature)
      • Artistic(a Person, Period, or Style of Artistic Expression)
      • Social(any modern Social Issue)

| TOEFL Excellencehe examples above are very commonly used — but the topics of The Lecture-Type are not limited to only these possibilities.  They could be about ANYTHING that you could take a class about in a first-year university class.  Just be sure to…

Remember!  —  You do NOT have to study these subjects before taking The TOEFL Exam.  Doing-so would almost-certainly be a COMPLETE waste of your time, as it would be virtually impossible to know what subject-matter will used be in The Exam.


The Types Of Audio Files In The TOEFL Writing Section...

As you can see — the Types of Reading Passages & Audio Files are pretty-much the same, all throughout the exam.  And you can also see that the skills that you are tested-on in one section are very much the same in another.  You only need to be able to comprehend the English in The Reading Passage.  😎

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