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“The scoring of the exam IS important.  But it is not nearly as important as other TOEFL courses & teachers say.  The MOST important thing is learning HOW to answer and fulfill the Question & Task.  Knowing how they are scored is secondary to that;  when you are learning how to REFINE your skills — AFTER you have learned what skills need to be used, and how…  (which is also part of TOEFL Excellence).”  😉

~ "The Teacher"

Format Of The TOEFL Exam

Scoring Of The TOEFL

| TOEFL Excellencehe Scoring of The TOEFL Exam is different for each Section, Question, & Task.  For The Reading & Listening Sections of the exam — your answers will be scored automatically.  But for The Speaking & Writing Sections — your answers will be scored by actual humans who are trained & certified in the criteria for the scoring of your responses.

Your TOEFL Scores

(Not Actual Certified TOEFL Judges Or Scores)

| TOEFL Excellencene other thing that makes The TOEFL Exam unique is that — Since there are so many thousands of responses that need to be scored every week — just to ensure that the judges are scoring your responses correctly — there is also (supposedly) a second line of judges that makes sure that your responses are scored properly.  (At least, that is what we are told by ETS.)

Scoring The Scorers - TOEFL Excellence

(Don’t Worry, This Guy Has NOTHING To Do With Your Exam…  Otherwise You’d Be In Trouble)


Notice!  — The Actual Amount Of Points That Each Question & Task Is Worth Is Different Throughout The Exam.  The Specifics Of This Are Discussed Throughout This Course, When That Information Is Relevant To Your Training.  😉

| TOEFL Excellenceour Scores will be available On-Line approximately 6 – 10 Days After The Exam.  Then — 2 Weeks After You Took The Exam — the “hard-copy” of your Scores are mailed directly to the university or organization that you selected upon registration, to receive the scores.  However — the actual delivery of your Scores is subject to the competency of the mailing services and customs agencies in each country.

| TOEFL Excellencend this is why I say that you should allow for 3 Months After Your Exam, for scores to be delivered.  It probably will NOT take that long — but it definitely could take more than 2 Months (according to ETS’s information).  So if there are any problems along the way — then you will probably not be affected (because you were smart and took my advice).  😎


Scoring For The TOEFL Exam...

The scoring for The TOEFL Exam is different for each Section, Question, & Task on the exam.  Those things will be discussed when you go through those parts of The TOEFL Excellence Training System.  But that information is secondary to learning HOW to Answer & Fulfill each Question & Task   😎

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