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TOEFL Speaking Section Tasks

TOEFL Speaking Section

| TOEFL Excellencelthough the first two Sections of The TOEFL Exam were very similar to each other — how you will handle The Speaking Section is quite different from the previous two Sections.

| TOEFL Excellencen this Section — there will not be any Multiple-Choice Questions, or Chart-Tasks.  Instead — you will read different types of Reading Passages & Listen to different types of Conversations & Lectures.  And then, you will be asked to perform some Task, based upon that information you have gathered.

Notice!  —  You will, both:  See The Directions for each Task On The Computer Screen, & Hear Them Spoken In Your Headphones.  Then — after the designated time for each Task — you must Speak Your Response Into The Microphone.

The Speaking “Questions”

| TOEFL Excellenceirst of all — the only reason that I put the word “Question” in the title above, is because that is what most other teachers, text-books, and people who make videos about the TOEFL Exam call the “Tasks” in The Speaking Section.  (In fact — even the makers of The Exam make this same obvious mistake!)

| TOEFL Excellenceowever — although there MAY BE a Questions IN some of the “Tasks” — every single one of what other people refer to as “Speaking Section Questions” or “TOEFL Speaking Questions”…  are NOT “Questions”…  They are “Tasks”.

Because Of This Obvious State Of Affairs  —  For the rest of This Course — we will refer to them all as “Tasks”…  Because, clearly, that is what they ARE.  (And you will see this very soon.)  😎

obviously - TOEFL Excellence

| TOEFL Excellenceccording to the makers of The Exam — there are only two different types of Task-Formats in The Speaking Section.  One which is referred-to as:  “Independent” — and the other which is referred-to as:  “Integrated”.

| TOEFL Excellenceowever — these terms are also potentially mis-leading, and are certainly inaccurate (just like their mistaken use of the word “Questions” to refer to a “Task”).  This is because The “Independent” Task is not really “Independent” at all.

| TOEFL Excellencehis is because — even though your Response will contain examples and opinions that you think-of to support your choice — you are actually told what you must speak-about, and given the two or three options to choice as “your choice” — thus making it NOT  “Independent”.

Smart - TOEFL Excellence

| TOEFL Excellencend though The “Integrated” Tasks DO require your ability to “Integrate” Information from different scourses — as-well-as “Integrating” different language skills…  Technically — EVERY SINGLE Question & Task On The Entire Exam Is An “Integrated” Task!  (And NONE of them are “Independent”.)

WTF - TOEFL Excellence

Ultimately This Does Not Matter!  —  These are just the terms that the makers of The TOEFL Exam use.  I state this here, because one of the main purposes of TOEFL Excellence is to take the information that is already available, and make it more comprehensible & beneficial to you…  (And also to make you smarter than everyone else!)  😎

The So-Called “Independent” Task

| TOEFL Excellencenstead of referring to these Tasks as “Independent” — it really should have been called “The Personal Preference Task”…  Because that is exactly what it is.  And so — that is what we will refer to this task as for the remainder of this course.  “The Personal Preference Task” asks you to:

        • Speak About A Personal Preference On An Issue — (in-relation to the details that are given in the Task)

The So-Called “Integrated Tasks”

| TOEFL Excellencehere are two main types of Tasks here.  The first two require you to “Integrate” information from both a Written Text & a Spoken Conversation or Lecture.  And then:

        • Summarize Information  —  Taken From A Short Text & A Short Conversation About The Situation Written-About In The Text.
        • Summarize Information  —  Taken From A Short Text & A Short Lecture On The Same Topic.  Then Summarize The Topic And State How The Information From Both Sources Is Related

| TOEFL Excellencehe other type of “Integrated” task is only as “Integrated” as every other Question & Task on The TOEFL Exam.  This is because you will only take information from one source — an Audio File — and then:

        • Summarize A Lecture  —  Similar To Those Found In The Reading & Listening Sections

Notice!  —  Because these terms — “Independent” & “Integrated” do not make sense according to the way ETS uses them — and because they are not really helpful to you in any way (they are just names that they chose)…  We will refer to each Task by a name that accurately & CORRECTLY described Exactly what they are.  I tell you this because I suspect that you will probably watch videos from other sources, and they will use different — less accurate, and incorrect names for these Tasks.  😸


| TOEFL Excellencelthough this is the Section of The Exam is the “most-feared” by many potential Test-Takers — it really should NOT be  (It is The Reading Section that you need to be most-concerned about).  But for The Speaking Section — (at least in TOEFL Excellence) — there are very specific formulas that you can and SHOULD follow in-order-to fulfill each Task like A Champion!!!  😎

| TOEFL Excellence

And!!!  —  As long as you follow these formulas — you won’t even need to think very much, in-order-to fulfill each Task…  (That is, of course, if you follow my instructions)  😎


The Speaking Section Tasks...

As you have probably noticed, at this point in this course — the makers of The TOEFL Exam are REALLY bad at naming the different Questions & Tasks in The Exam.  However — I have reverse-engineered EVERYTHING, so that you do NOT have to worry about that  😎

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