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The Reading Passages In The TOEFL Reading Section

TOEFL Reading Section

The Different Styles Of Reading Passages

| TOEFL Excellences you know — If you take the exam BEFORE July, 2023 — there will be either 3 or 4 Reading Passages.  If you take the exam AFTER July, 2023 — there will be only 2 Reading Passages.  All of these Reading Passages are of the type that you would find in a typical academic text-book of a first-year University-level.

| TOEFL Excellenceach Reading Passage can be put into many different classifications, and you could spend hours comparing the descriptions from one text-book to the next (but now you don’t need to because I have already done this for you)  😉  Ultimately you don’t NEED to know this information to Excel on The Exam — but knowing this information will help you to comprehend the organization of ideas in The Reading Passages.

| TOEFL Excellenceo — if you do not “need” this information — why do I put this here?  Because I want you to know — FOR SURE — that you already have ALL the information that you will ever need when you finally take your Exam.  And — I want you to be confident that I am not leaving-out any information that could be helpful to you.  😎

The Reading Passages Fall Under These Different Typical Styles:

      • Explanation
      • Point Of View
      • Historical


| TOEFL Excellencehese types of Reading Passages are — as the name says — an explanation of some Topic or Subject.  The Topics are often about something:

      • Scientific  —  (Biology, Geology, Sociology, etc.)
      • Literary  —  (a Person, Period, or Style of Classical Literature)
      • Artistic  —  (a Person, Period, or Style of Artistic Expression)
      • Social  —  (those dealing with things like:  Equity, Gender Issues, Racial Issues, etc. — as well as things like:  Climate Change, which is not a ‘Social Issue’ but is very-often discussed in-combination with the other issues mentioned.)
        (This is a fairly new development, and has not been official reported, but I have been noticing the changes over the years, and these issues seem to have been creeping, ever-so-subtly, into The TOEFL Exam.  And as ‘Social Issues’ seem to have become more important to the administrators of universities, than actually providing a traditional education — you can now expect to see current social issues appearing in the Reading Passages & Audio Files throughout The TOEFL Exam.)  😐

| TOEFL Excellencehe examples above are very commonly used — but the Reading Passages are not limited to only these possibilities.  They could be about ANYTHING that you would experience in a first year university class.

Remember!  —  You do NOT have to study these subjects before taking The TOEFL Exam!  Doing-so would almost-certainly be a waste of your time.  This is what makes TOEFL Excellence VERY different than every other TOEFL course.  I do NOT waste your time by telling you to do things that are not going to be helpful to you.  TOGETHER — we ONLY do that which will be helpful…  And I save you time!  😎

“Point Of View”

| TOEFL Excellencehis type of Reading Passage is — as the name says — a description of some “Point Of View” or Opinion on some topic, which may be contested, or is often objected-to by others.  This type of Reading Passage is meant to represent the kinds of subjects that would be debated in a typical University classroom or study-group.


| TOEFL Excellenceltimately — the “Historical” Reading Passages are just another type of “Explanation” — only, they are about something in the past.  Just as many of the “Explanation” Reading Passages can also be “Historical”.

| TOEFL Excellences such — the actual subject-matter could be the same — but the details will usually be about some Historical Event, or (a) Person/People related to that Event.


The Types Of Reading Passages In The TOEFL Reading Section...

Ultimately — knowing what types of reading passages are going to be in The TOEFL Reading Section will not really help you that much.  But it is something that other people talk about in their TOEFL videos.  So I wanted to give you the explanation above, so you would not think that I was missing anything in this system.  Just remember that — despite what other TOEFL teachers & courses, say — You Do NOT Need To Study ANY Of These Types Of Subjects For The TOEFL Exam!!!   😎

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