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TOEFL Writing Section Tasks

TOEFL Writing Section

| TOEFL Excellencelthough (probably) ALL other available:  Text-Books, Teachers, Videos, & Courses on The TOEFL Exam — refer to the two Tasks in The TOEFL Writing Section as “Questions” (just like with The Speaking Section)…  They are NOT…  They are “Tasks”.  And, by now, you have learned that in TOEFL Excellence — we use terminology that is accurate & CORRECT!  😎

Notice!  —  It is not important that the makers of the exam do not know how to properly use the language that they are testing you for.  This is true about MOST native English speakers.  What is important is that they DO know how to test you on your English skills.

However!  —  What IS important is that YOU use PROPER & CORRECT English!!!  And THAT is why it is so important to ME that WE use Proper & CORRECT terminology.

And If You Haven’t Already Noticed  —  This Course (as well as everything else in the GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! Universe) Is All About Excellence…  NOT about what is only “Good Enough”…  If you only want what is “Good Enough” — then you can use any other TOEFL Course available…  But your scores will reflect that.  😎

| TOEFL Excellencehere are only two Tasks in this entire TOEFL Writing Section.  And just as The Reading & Listening Sections were very similar to each other — so are the Speaking & Writing Sections.

Writing Section — Task One

(The So-Called “Integrated” Task)

| TOEFL Excellencehe first Task in The Writing Section is basically just a longer version of The Speaking Section“Combining Information” Task.  You First:  Read A Text — Second:  Listen To A Lecture — Then:  Write A Summary about The Information that was given in both Sources.

| TOEFL Excellenceesides the Text & Audio being a bit longer — the only real difference between This “Integrated Task” and that of The “Combining Information” Task is that you have more time to formulate your Response — and of course, you will Write it instead of Speaking it.  (Which should actually make this task a lot EASIER than its counterpart in The Speaking Section.)

Writing Section — Task Two

(The So-Called “Independent” Task)

| TOEFL Excellenceust as the first Writing Task was simply a Written version of a Speaking Task — so-too is this one.  This (so-called“Independent” Task is just a Written version of The Speaking Section“Personal Preference” Task.

| TOEFL Excellenceou are presented with a Situation — Then you are asked to make a choice between two or three options about that Situation — You then have to state which options you would choose, and why — giving Reasons & Examples for your decision.

| TOEFL Excellencehe only difference (once again) is that you have A LOT more time to formulate your Response — and then of course — that you will Write it, instead of Speaking it…  Obviously  😎

The So-Called “New” Question

(After July, 2023)

| TOEFL Excellencence again — the makers of The TOEFL Exam do not know how to use proper English to describe the Questions & Tasks in their own exam.  First of all, because it is not a “Question”.  But secondly — because when they say that it is “New” — they are implying that it will be very different than the already existing so-called “Independent” task…  But it is NOT!  It is simply a new VERSION of the same Task!

| TOEFL Excellencehe only thing that is different about it, is that it is being presented in an updated way.  And that — instead of you having to actually THINK about WHY you might prefer or not prefer the different choices that they present you with — they actually GIVE you two opinions of imaginary people, so that you can just use THOSE opinions to choose as your own!

| TOEFL Excellenceo they are actually making this so-called “Independent” task EVEN LESS “Independent” than it was before!  Basically — they are GIVING you all the things that you need, so that you don’t even have to think about anything.  (Apparently they are making it a lot easier for people who are not able to think on their own to make it into university!) 🤣

| TOEFL Excellenceo — once again — we will not be using ETS’s terminology — or the terminology that other TOEFL Teachers may start using as the “New” TOEFL becomes active.  We will be using terminology that is the most Accurate & CORRECT…  So that YOU will be smarter than everyone else!  😎

And Remember!  —  just like with The Speaking Section — if you follow my instructions — You WILL “Achieve Excellence” on This Section of The TOEFL Exam, also.  😎


The Writing Section Tasks...

As you can see — the Tasks in The Writing Section are really just written forms of two of The Speaking Section Tasks…  Only now you have A LOT more time to make your Response PERFECT!  😎

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