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“I know it sounds weird to say that The TOEFL Exam is ‘Awesome’ (especially because ETS’s Website, Customer Service, TOEFL Prices, and everything about The TOEFL Home Edition are basically the complete OPPOSITE of ‘Awesome’!!!)…  But coming from someone who hated school, and especially exams — The TOEFL Exam actually IS kinda awesome.”

~ "The Teacher"

Format Of The TOEFL Exam

What Makes The TOEFL Awesome?!?!

| TOEFL Excellenceesides not having a dedicated Grammar section — what makes The TOEFL Exam one of the most unique & innovative exams available — is that it essentially tests, not only your ability to function in a University-type setting, but…

…It Actually Tests Your Ability To Learn!

One's Ability To Learn - TOEFL Excellence

| TOEFL Excellenceaking this into consideration — this is a test that EVERYONE has the ability to “pass”.  As long as you are able to Follow Directions Explicitly — and to perform tasks Efficiently & Effectively.

| TOEFL Excellenceowever — it should be noted that The TOEFL iBT Exam is not actually based on a “Pass/Fail” system.  It is graded on a “Point System”.  So the “Passing” score is whatever is required by the university or organization that you are applying to.  So there is no universal “Passing Score”.

Notice!  — The average score required by most Universities is 80-85 points.  For more technical and specialized programs — (Medical, Legal, Engineering, Scientific) — the score is typically 90-95 (or higher).  But you need to verify this with the university or organization that you are applying to BEFORE taking the exam!!!

| TOEFL Excellenceinally — The TOEFL iBT Exam tests AUTHENTIC English.  Therefore — it IS possible to make a mistake and STILL receive a “Perfect” score for some of the Questions & Tasks in the exam.

| TOEFL Excellencehis is because everyone makes mistakes as a natural part of speaking — including native English Speakers.  This includes:  “False Stops”Slight Mis-Pronunciations — and Changing One’s Mind Mid-Sentence.

Because Of This  —  it is possible to make a few mistakes on parts of the exam and STILL get an Excellent score!!!  😎


What Makes The TOEFL Awesome?!?!

Well…  HAVING to take The TOEFL Exam may not be very awesome.  But if you have the ability to learn (and of course you do!) then you CAN be successful at The TOEFL Exam!!!  (And That’s Pretty Awesome)  😎

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