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The TOEFL Exam is not like any other any other English Proficiency Exam…  It is altogether quite unique in the way that it was developed, and how it is delivered.”

~ "The Teacher"

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What Makes the TOEFL iBT Exam Unique?

| TOEFL Excellencen-like other English-Proficiency & University-Entrance Exams — The TOEFL iBT Exam does not have a direct focus on Grammar or Vocabulary.  In other words — The Exam does NOT have a dedicated “Vocabulary” or “Grammar” section.

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| TOEFL Excellenceowever — a person’s Grammatical Skills & Range Of Vocabulary are taken into account when scoring certain answers.  So they are important…  But they are not directly tested in The TOEFL Exam.  😎

  — Although there is a Vocabulary Questions in The Reading Section of The Exam — you will NOT be tested on any specific Vocabulary that you will be expected to know.  You will only be tested on your ability to comprehend various Vocabulary Terms within the context of a reading passage or audio file.  You will learn more about this in the lessons for those specific Question-Types.  😎

| TOEFL Excellenceny person taking The TOEFL Exam should already possess a knowledge of the Verb Tenses and know how to use them properly — as-well-as having enough Vocabulary to be able to Express Their Thoughts & Opinions in English at AT LEAST an Intermediate Level of English.

| TOEFL Excellenceurthermore — the only Vocabulary that you will absolutely NEED to know is that-which will allow you to comprehend:  The InstructionsThe QuestionsThe Reading Passages, and Audio Files within The Exam.  (You will see examples of all of those very soon!)  😎

Anyone who has an Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate level (approx. B2 in the Common European Framework) — or who has already passed The FCE Exam (First Certificate in English) should have no troubles with the level of English in The TOEFL iBT Exam.  But of course, a higher level of English will make the exam a bit easier — once you know how to answer all the questions and fulfill all of the tasks on the exam.  😉

| TOEFL Excellencef you already possess this level of English Skills — Then The TOEFL Exam should NOT be a problem at all — once you know the following points listed below:

All Of Which, You Will Learn In TOEFL Excellence



What Makes The TOEFL Exam Unique?

Well, there are actually many things (which you will learn about throughout TOEFL Excellence) but the most notable thing is the fact that you are not tested on Grammar!!!  😀

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How Do I Do The TOEFL? (Your First Three Steps)

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