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The TOEFL Exam does not just test for a bunch of random information.  It tests for your skills in very specific situations which are common in:  University-Life,  Work-Life, and the so-called ‘Real World’.”

~ "The Teacher"

Format Of The TOEFL Exam

What The TOEFL iBT Exam Tests For:

The Ability To Decipher A Written Text


      • To Comprehend The Main Idea & Supporting Details Of A Text
      • To Comprehend Key Words & Phrases Within A Text
      • To Comprehend Implied Meaning Within A Text
      • To Be Able To Learn New Concepts From Reading A Text
      • To Comprehend Basic Vocabulary & Sentence-Structure

The Ability To Decipher Various Spoken Lectures & Conversations


      • To Comprehend General Meaning Of What Was Spoken
      • To Comprehend Meaning Of What Is Spoken “As A Whole”
      • To Comprehend The “Mood” Or “Attitude” Of A Speaker
      • To Comprehend “Tone Of Voice” & “Voice Inflection”

The Ability To Use English To Speak About Various Subjects With Different Purposes


      • To Express Preference About A Certain Topic
      • To Report About Spoken Elements Of A Conversation
      • To Integrate & Report About Related Information From Both Written & Spoken Sources
      • To Give A Summary About A Spoken Lecture

The Ability To Write Effectively In Different Formats


      • To Integrate Related Information From Both A Written & Spoken Source, And To Effectively Write A Summary Of The Information And How It Is Related
      • To Write A Short Essay Based On Your Personal Preference On A Topic — (until July, 2023)
      • To Write A Short Response To A Question About A Topic Based On Two Differing Opinions & To Add To The “Conversation”;  Meant To Mimic An On-line University Discussion Board — (AFTER July, 2023)




      • The Ability To Perform All Of These Tasks Within A Specified Time-Frame, In An On-Line Exam Setting, While Following Directions Precisely


What The TOEFL Exam Tests For...

The TOEFL Exam Tests For Your Ability To Use English (both Passively & Actively) In Various Situations Which Will Be Common In An English-Speaking University Or Workplace Setting

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