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First, Watch The Video Above

“If you have been told that The TOEFL Exam is required (for any reason) — then you DO need to take it.  But, if it is NOT required — then you do NOT need to take the exam…  It is really that simple.”

“Taking The TOEFL Exam for any other reasons MAY be beneficial.  But it is a lot of time & money to spend on something, only because you MIGHT need it…  (However — I will still gladly help you if you choose this path)”  😉

~ "The Teacher"

| TOEFL Excellencen their website — the creators of The TOEFL Exam (ETS) give you a lot of reasons why you SHOULD take The TOEFL Exam.  But that organization has a vested interest in selling you the exam…  They make more money.  But they are not approaching the situation from the mind-set of The Test-Taker.  They are thinking about the situation from the mind-set of a business that wants to sell you a product.

| TOEFL Excellencehey give you a lot of hypothetical reasons for why it MAY be beneficial for you.  But, amazingly, they completely ignore the ONLY reason that you would NEED to take the exam…  And that is:  Because The Exam Is Required (for whatever reason).

  –  The TOEFL Exam is not cheap.  And, unfortunately, it seems to be getting more-and-more expensive at an alarming rate.  Since the so-called “Pandemic” – ETS has raised their prices at least 3 times in less than two year.  They try to do-so in a way that you won’t notice;  increasing the price by only $5 or $10 at a time.  But, now they have drastically increased how much they raise the price by, and how often they raise it — at a time which is even MORE difficult for everyone.

Because Of This  –  All of the reasons for why ETS says that you SHOULD take The TOEFL Exam become impractical & un-affordable.  Most people do not want to, or simply can NOT spend $200-$300 (or MORE!) on this exam — simply because, as they say…  “…it’s accepted by more than 11,500 universities and other institutions in over 160 countries…”.  A person can only live in one country and go to one University at a time…  (Duh!).  So their reasoning is completely detached from what YOU need!

| TOEFL Excellenceo why do I give you this “bad news”?  Because — for many of you — The TOEFL Exam IS a requirement.  So it is much better that you get this information right away, so that you are not deceived.  (And hopefully, so that you can see that I am “on your side”.)  Once you know the situation clearly, you can handle it like a champion — with no un-pleasant surprises.  😎

| TOEFL Excellencend — for those of you who are still not sure if you need to take the exam yet (which you SHOULD know if you are already this far into the training) — I tell you this so that you are not deceived by misleading information from those who only want to take your money.  And that is also why I Give You THIS Information For Free in the video “Your First Three Steps”.  So that you know what you do and do-NOT need BEFORE you spend any money.  😉

"But Teacher!" "I Need To Apply To More Than One University / Scholarship!"

| TOEFL Excellencecompletely get that!  And that is why — even though I have some problems with the way that ETS does business — The TOEFL Exam is usually a better option than the other alternatives.  But it is still VERY important to check with the Universities & Scholarship Organizations, about what their requirements are BEFORE making a decision about which Exam you will choose.

| TOEFL Excellencef all, or most Universities that you want to apply-to require The TOEFL — then there is no decision to make — you just take The TOEFL.  If some require The TOEFL, but others require a different exam — and you are having difficulties making the decision — then you may need to consult with your parents.  Or — if YOU are the one making the decision — then perhaps you can consult with the admissions department at the University which is your first choice.  😎


Why Do I Need To Take TOEFL iBT Exam?

You only NEED to take The TOEFL Exam if it is required for the University, Scholarship, or whatever other organization that you are taking it for.  If it is not REQUIRED — Then you do not need to take it…  It is your CHOICE.  (And taking it because you think it will be good on your resume, is a VERY expensive thing to do just to MAYBE impress companies who may not even care!)  😉

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