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TOEFL Excellence Refund & Returns Policy



Our Policy For Refunds Is As Follows:


  • By default, All Sales Are Final.

However — customer satisfaction is one of the most important founding principles of GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! & The TOEFL Excellence Training System.  Therefore — it may be possible to receive a full or partial refund, depending on the situation.

If there was a significant mistake or any gross negligence on the part of GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!, TOEFL Excellence, or “The Teacher” — then an apology and a full refund is certainly in order.  However — your success on The TOEFL Exam (through the use of The TOEFL Excellence Training System) is the MAIN founding principle of “TOEFL Excellence”.  So “The Teacher” will make every effort to ensure that your success is achieved.  And therefore — that a better solution is arrived at, BEFORE issuing a refund.


  • If there is a mistake on the part of The Customer, then the customer MAY be able to receive a partial refund.  Examples of “Mistakes” are as follows, (but not limited to):
    • Did not read the course/product description before purchasing
    • Did not follow “The Teacher’s” instructions for how to access the website/courses/lesson/etc.
    • Decided that they simply “do not like” the course before even completing the introduction of the course
    • Decided that they “did not like it” after attempting to do the course “in their own way” (not following “The Teacher’s” instructions / course outline)
    • Did not attempt to notify “The Teacher” of any problems BEFORE asking for a refund
    • Attempted to dispute the charge with their bank before trying to remedy the situation with “The Teacher”


If the customer attempts to dispute the charge with their bank BEFORE even attempting to remedy whatever situation has caused them to want a refund — or attempted to dispute the charge with their bank before even ASKING for a refund — then they are no-longer eligible to receive ANY refund.  This not adult behavior, and is behavior that is not tolerated.  It is not the responsibility of GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!, TOEFL Excellence, or “The Teacher” to pay for the bad behavior of the customer.

The Customer may NOT receive a full refund if they have purchased the product but then decided that it is not what they had “hoped-for” or expected.  All courses & products on this website are FULLY described, regarding their contents & format.  There are no aspects of the courses & products which are NOT described.  If The Customer purchases any course or product because they thought that it would ALSO have something else which was not described — then they have purchased in-error, and are not qualified for a full refund.



Any Refunds That MAY Be Valid Are Based On The Stipulations Below:


  • For the “Last Minute” TOEFL Course — The Customer has 3 days in-which to request a refund.  If 3 days have passed since the purchase — or if more than 25% of the course has been consumed within that time-period — then The Customer is no-longer eligible to receive a refund for their purchase.


  • For the “How To Answer…” TOEFL Course — The Customer has 10 days in-which to request a refund.  If 10 days have passed since the purchase — or if more than 25% of the course has been consumed within that time-period — then The Customer is no-longer eligible to receive a refund for their purchase.


  • The amount of the refund will be determined by the processing fees for issuing that refund.  The amount that The Customer will be refunded will be the amount of the purchased product, minus whatever processing fees would be incurred for issuing the refund.  If the processing fees are MORE than the amount of the product purchased — then no refund will be issued.  It is not the responsibility of GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!, TOEFL Excellence, or “The Teacher” to cover the cost of the customer’s mistakes.


  • If the fault was that of GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!, TOEFL Excellence, or “The Teacher” — then The Customer WILL receive a full refund, and GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!, TOEFL Excellence, & “The Teacher” will cover the expense of whatever processing fees are incurred.  But it is the responsibility of The Customer to prove that the mistake was that of GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!, TOEFL Excellence, or “The Teacher” — unless that mistake is not in dispute.


  • If the product or service purchased was a subscription – then the request for refund must be received within 3 days of the INITIAL purchase.  If the request was received after 3 days from the initial charge — then The Customer will not be eligible for a refund, but will be un-subscribed, and will not be charged for any further subscription payments.  Access to the subscribed material will be revoked at the end of the current subscription period.

No refunds will be available for MONTHLY subscription payments AFTER the initial payment.  It is the responsibility of The Customer to cancel their subscription BEFORE then next payment.

For subscriptions that re-new ANNUALLY, The Customer will receive notifications of the renewal payment.  If they do not cancel before that time — they will not be eligible for a refund.  It is The Customer’s responsibility to cancel before that time.  A claim that they did not “see” the renewal notification emails is not a valid excuse.

  • Since GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!, TOEFL Excellence, & “The Teacher”  do not (at this time) sell any physical products – there is no possibility for a “Return” of a product.


  • It may be possible to “Exchange” a product or service for something else if it is agreed-upon between the customer and the owner of this site.  He can be reached at:


Refund Process:


  • Once The Customer’s request for a refund is received, and is deemed valid (based on the stipulations above) — The Customer will receive their refund (minus processing fees, if applicable) to the account of whatever method-of-payment that was used to purchase the product or service, and their access to that product or service will be cancelled.


  • If The Customer’s request is approved — then their refund will be processed, and a credit will automatically be applied to their credit card or original method-of-payment, immediately after approval.  And an email will be sent to The Customer as soon as the refund has been issued.


  • The time that it takes to receive the refund after it has been processed will depend SOLELY upon the bank or organization that manages the account that was used as The Customer’s method-of-payment.

The exact amount of days for the entire process of receiving a refund is based on two things:

1.  The physical process of issuing the refund (by the owner of this site) — which happens as soon as the email or message containing the refund request is opened, read, and approved.

2.  However long it takes for the organization that manages the account of The Customer’s original payment method-of-payment (Bank, Credit Card, PayPal, etc.) to process that refund – (this being completely out of the control of the owner of this site).

Once the refund has been processed, and the confirmation email has been sent — The owner of this site has no further control over how long it takes for the money to be received by The Customer.


“Late” Or “Missing” Refunds:


  • If The Customer has not received a refund within a reasonable amount of time (based on the above stated information — but at least 10 business days) — then The Customer must, FIRST, check their bank account again.
  • Then — The Customer needs to contact their credit card company (or other organization) as it may take some time before their refund is officially posted.  (This is out of the control of the owner of this site.)
  • Next — They should contact their bank.  There is often some processing time before a refund is posted.  (This too is out of the control of the owner of this site.)


  • If The Customer has done all of these things and they still have not received their refund — and their bank or the organization of their method-of-payment has no information for them about where their money is — then The Customer can contact the owner of this site at:

At that time he will make an inquiry with the payment processor used to process payments for this site.  He has no ability to contact The Customer’s Bank, Credit Card Company, or The organization of The Customer’s method-of-payment on behalf of The Customer.  That is logically, literally, & legally impossible.


Sale Items:


Some sale items MAY be refunded at the sale price (minus processing fees) — not the original price.  But, by default — Any & All Sale Prices Are Final.  No refund is available.




Since we do not sell any physical products — we can not exchange any.

It may be possible to exchange one digital product for another — but only after negotiating & agreeing-upon the terms with the owner of this site:




If anyone has received a “Gift” from “The Teacher”, and asks for a Refund of that gift — then that person is clearly not thinking properly.  No refund is possible.

If someone has received a product or service of GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!, TOEFL Excellence, or “The Teacher” as a gift from someone ELSE — and then asks for a refund…  First of all — they are asking for SOMEONE ELSE’S MONEY…  Therefore — that person is both:  Not Thinking Properly & Not A Very Good Person.  No Refund Will Be Given To Any Person Who Is Not The One Who Made The Original Purchase.


Shipping Returns:


Since we do not sell any physical products – this section is not relevant.


Need Help?


Contact “The Teacher” at:



Final Message To Customers:


If you are reading this before making a purchase, and think that the stipulations for refunds are not fair, or are in any way harsh, then you are probably not a good fit for TOEFL Excellence.


Every one of these stipulations is only for my protection against dis-honest & un-scrupulous individuals who try to take advantage of situations at the expense of others (and there are FAR too many of these kinds of people in The Word).  Every situation that is listed above is something which has happened or been attempted by people in the past.  So these are not my ideas, but are reactions to the ridiculous & bad behavior of other people.


If the reasoning for these stipulations is not understood — then it is quite possible that you are one of these types of people, and TOEFL Excellence is not for you.  TOEFL Excellence was designed for intelligent people who want to succeed in life, and are willing to do the work to make that happen.  Those type of people recognize the quality of TOEFL Excellence, and know how to behave maturely in a civilized society, without looking for some way to take advantage of “the system”.


TOEFL Excellence is not a large corporate entity.  It is a product & service which has been created by, and is run by 1 Man.  This is not “McDonald’s” where you can complain about some ridiculous non-sense and expect to get “free food”.


I Am A Real Person, and I Only Deal With Real People…  (No Idiots or Assholes Allowed!)


If you could speak with my former students, then you would know that I — “The Teacher” — go “Above & Beyond” what is necessary to provide the BEST & Most-Excellent Service — and to give you the absolute best possible products available anywhere in The World.  So you should not need to even worry about any sort of refund…  You simply won’t want one!  😉


But if you are the type of person who does the sort of things listed in some of the points above — and you are reading this BEFORE you purchase my products or services…  Then perhaps you should just move along.


You probably wouldn’t pass the TOEFL Exam anyway…  Even with my help…  (Because you probably wouldn’t even listen to me.)  But then again — if you have read this far…  Then you probably aren’t one of those people.  😎

Have An Excellent Day!

“The Teacher”




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