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The TOEFL Excellence
Training System

…This Is What You Will Find Inside

The TOEFL Excellence Training System - by GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!
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An Introduction To The TOEFL Exam — And To The TOEFL Excellence Training System.  Find Out If And Why You Even Need To Take The TOEFL Exam…  And How To Get Started.

1 Course / 6 Lessons

| TOEFL Excellence

"How Do I Do The TOEFL?" -- The Absolute Essentials For Anyone Taking The TOEFL iBT Exam

An overview of The Entire TOEFL Process.  From the first time you hear the term “TOEFL” — to ensuring that your scores arrive on time — like a True TOEFL Champion!

2 Video Lessons / 2 PDFs

| TOEFL Excellence

The Personal Input From A TOEFL Expert

There are some things that you can’t learn from a text-book, and which the average teacher at a language school just doesn’t know.  They need to be learned by experience.

10+ Years Of Experience

| TOEFL Excellence

A Constantly Up-Dated System

The TOEFL Exam and the process of taking it change from time to time.  TOEFL Excellence Is The Most Up-To-Date TOEFL Training System Anywhere in The World.

Constantly Monitored!

| TOEFL Excellence

BEFORE Registering For The Exam

A quick course on “What You Need To Know & Have BEFORE You Register For The TOEFL iBT Exam!”  If you don’t know or have these things — you can’t take the exam!

11 Lessons / 1 Quiz

| TOEFL Excellence

How To Answer Every Question & Fulfill Every Task On The TOEFL iBT Exam

These are not just random tips on what you COULD do.  These are EXACY prescriptions of what you MUST do if you want to be successful.

35 Courses / 367 Lessons / 26 Quizzes

| TOEFL Excellence

Communication With "The Teacher"

Personal feedback directly from “The Teacher” and creator of The TOEFL Excellence Training System — on what you are doing well, what you need to improve, and HOW to do that!

On-Going Throughout The Course & Beyond!

| TOEFL Excellence

What Makes TOEFL Excellence Truly Unique?

The “Strategies”, the “Tips & Tricks” and the “Master Skills” — developed by “The Teacher” — for EVERY Question & Task In The TOEFL Exam.

144 Lessons / 49 Videos


| TOEFL Excellence

Blog Posts & Videos

Helpful blog posts and videos about every aspect of The TOEFL iBT Exam, mailed to you throughout the time you are preparing.

| TOEFL Excellence

Other Helpful Supplementary Information

In each course within the entire system, there is a “Resources” section that provides you with helpful supplementary information to aid your learning.

| TOEFL Excellence

TOEFL Information Specific To Your Country

TOEFL Testing Dates & Locations For Every Country; Constantly Updated! — Names & Addresses of Official TOEFL Testing Centers — Exam Prices & Information About The TOEFL ExamIn Your Country.

| TOEFL Excellence

Unlimited Access To "The Teacher"

There is no limit to how many questions you can ask.  No limit on how many times you can practice your Speaking & Writing Responses.  I will keep working with you for As Long As It Takes For You To Succeed!

How Do I Do The TOEFL? (Your First Three Steps)

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