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The TOEFL Excellence Training System

Welcome To Excellence!  I am honored & pleased that you have chosen TOEFL Excellence to assist you in preparing for The TOEFL iBT Exam.

But, this part of TOEFL Excellence is for Members Only.  So — please Log-In.  If you are not-yet a member — Please Register.

(Otherwise, you will not be able to see any of the lesson-material.)

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Step 1 – Introduction... "What Is The TOEFL?"

Here you will learn exactly what the TOEFL iBT Exam IS, and why you might need to take it — Plus a lot of other important preliminaries.

6 Lessons

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Step 2 – BEFORE Preparation... "Do I Have What It Takes?"

A lot of people make the mistake of registering for the exam without even finding out if they have the skills & resources they NEED to take the exam.  (Don’t be one of those people!)

11 Lessons / 1 Quiz

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Step 3 – Preparation Time... The Questions & Tasks

This is where you learn HOW to answer EVERY Question & Fulfill EVERY Task on The TOEFL iBT Exam…  (and a lot more!)

367 Lessons / 26 Quizzes

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Step 4 – Test Yourself... Take A TOEFL Practice Test

(Practice Test Is Purchased Separately From The Training System)

A FULL Graded & Critiqued TOEFL Practice Exam for you to ensure that you are ready for the actual exam.  With critique and suggestions on how to improve.

Approx. 3 Hours  (Work At Your Own Pace)

It is suggested that you do this Practice Test AFTER going through the training here, so that you know what you need to review and practice more before exam day.  Purchase Your Practice Test Here!

The Teacher - TOEFL Excellence

C. James Cote

“The Teacher”

Not only has “The Teacher” been specializing in The TOEFL iBT Exam for over ten years, but he also created this entire training system, as well as this entire site…

(including writing this sentence)

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Bonus Material

In addition to the lesson material above — there is a wealth of bonus material provided for your benefit and for your success.

| TOEFL Excellence

Live Webinar Sessions!

“Ask Me Anything” and other Live Sessions to discuss any topics which are relevant or which you request.  (You will be notified of these by email)

TOEFL Excellence

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