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If You Need To Take The TOEFL iBT Exam…

I Can Help You Succeed.

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Millions Of People Take The TOEFL Exam
Every Week…

Every one of those people (including you) have different needs.  Fill-out the form below so that I know what your exact needs are.
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Do The TOEFL The Smart Way!!!

The TOEFL Exam is not cheap.  And that is EXACTLY why you should NOT take The TOEFL Exam without FIRST taking a preparation course.

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On-Line TOEFL Preparation


Prepare For The TOEFL Exam On-Line

No Restrictions Or Limitations To Your Study.  Prepare for the TOEFL Exam according to YOUR schedule — not the schedule of a language school or teacher.

| TOEFL Excellence

Choose Your Plan

Everyone has different needs based upon how much time they have to prepare, and at what pace they want to do their sudies.  Choose the plan that is right for you.

(hint: the more time you have to prepare, the better off you will be)  😉

| TOEFL Excellence

Follow The System

In other “courses” — you are simply given access to a lot of video lessons & some practice quizzes.  With TOEFL Excellence, all you have to do is follow “The System”…

It covers absolutely EVERYTHING you need, and nothing that won’t help you.  😉

| TOEFL Excellence

Ask The Teacher

In a traditional TOEFL course, you only have access to the teacher while you are in the class.  In other on-line courses you have NO access to ANY teacher.

Here, you have access to me any time that you need my help.  😉

Literally The Best Pricing For Complete TOEFL Training

No Other Option Available Gives You As Much For The Price

1-Month Access

For “Last Minute” Preparation


3-Month Access

Standard TOEFL Preparation


6-Month Access

Champion-Level Preparation


Life-Time Access

Champion-Level Preparation For Life!


If You Can Find A Better Price On A Similar Course, I Will Beat That Price!

Notice!  —  The 1-Month Plan is for those who have already obtained Everything They Need To Know & Have BEFORE Registering, or who have waited until the last minute to prepare.  The 3-Month Plan is the “standard” only because it is the most common amount of time to prepare.  The 6-Month Plan is for those who want to prepare without the stress of a time-line, and have access to more information for their preparation.  😎

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The Exact Help That You Need

The TOEFL Exam & The Entire Process Is NOT Difficult If You Have The Correct Information & Help.  I Provide You With Exactly That.

| TOEFL Excellence

What Is The TOEFL?

If you don’t know what the TOEFL even is, I will tell you all about it, and why you may need to take it.

| TOEFL Excellence

Do I Even Need To Take It?

Many have heard of the TOEFL Exam, but don’t know if they need to take it.  I’ll show you how to find out for sure.

| TOEFL Excellence

Exam Overview

I give you a complete overview of the entire exam, including the 4 sections, and other things to be ready for.

| TOEFL Excellence

The Four Sections

I go over each of the sections in detail so that you do not have to be intimidated by, or mis-informed about them.

| TOEFL Excellence

All Question-Types

I explain – in detail – EVERY single Question-Type in all sections of the entire exam.

| TOEFL Excellence

All Task-Types

I explain – in detail – EVERY single Task-Type in all sections of the entire exam.

| TOEFL Excellence

Stratgies For Success

I give you PROVEN strategies for SUCCESS On EVERY single Question- & Task-Type.

| TOEFL Excellence

Practice Quizzes

I provide Practice Quizzes for all Question- & Task-Types in the entire exam.

| TOEFL Excellence

And A LOT More!

I also give you access to a TON of other information & resources that you will need and/or want to not-only “pass” the exam – But to “Achieve Excellence On The TOEFL iBT Exam”

What Others Say

A Proven Track-Record Of Success

“TOEFL EXCELLENCE is unequivocally resourceful in preparing TOEFL takers to excel.  It explains the essence of the exam and then, in great detail, breaks it down for easy comprehension, as well as provides critical skills and strategies to make excellence a reality!  I encourage all those intending to take the exam to make use of it.”

Happy Customer - TOEFL Excellence

Joseph M.


“I really enjoyed the course, it was very helpful.  The videos on the topics really helped me to understand the different tasks, and…  [“The Teacher” was]  …always eager to help me and explain the parts were I needed to improve.  I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who needs to take The TOEFL Exam.”

Another Happy Customer - TOEFL Excellence

Marija T.


The TOEFL Excellence Training System

“Achieve Excellence On The TOEFL iBT Exam”

TOEFL Excellence

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