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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about The TOEFL iBT Exam, and about The TOEFL Excellence Training System.  If the question that you have is not below, then use the button to ask me a question.

General TOEFL Questions

What Is The TOEFL Exam?

The TOEFL Exam is an requirement for many people who are not native English speakers, to be admitted to an English-speaking University – or to be considered for a scholarship – or even for immigration purposes.  Sign-Up For Free To Learn More!

How Do I Know If I Need To Take The TOEFL Exam?

There are a number of reasons why someone would need to take The TOEFL Exam.  All of this is explained in the free level of membership.  Sign-Up Right Now!

I Can Already Speak English. Why Do I Need To Take This Exam?

That’s just the way it is.  I don’t make the rules.  But I do show you how to fulfill them more easily (and for A LOT less money) than anyone else.  Get Started Today!

Can I Just Buy A TOEFL Certificate?

No.  This is the cheater’s way of doing things, and if you try to present a fake certificate to any University (or especially an immigration office) you will be denied immediately.

The only way to succeed on The TOEFL Exam is to earn it.  (I’ll show you howGet Started Now!

How Much Does The TOEFL Exam Cost?

The price of The TOEFL Exam is different in every country around the world.  I show you how to get that information in the free level of membership.  Sign-Up Right Now!

How Do I Register For The TOEFL Exam?

This is another thing that is explained in the free level of membership.  Sign-Up Right Now!

Where Is The TOEFL Testing-Center Near Me?

Once again – this is another thing that is explained in the free level of membership.  Sign-Up Right Now!

Is This Course Free?

First of all — This is not simply a “Course”.  It is an entire training system for The TOEFL Exam.  There is a free level of this system, which gives you at least the most essential information that you need before registering for, and taking the exam.  Get Started Now!

If you want to learn more about How To Answer Every Question & Fulfill Every Task On The TOEFL Exam — you will need to upgrade to a subscription plan.  Subscribe Now!

Why Isn't The Whole Thing Free?

First Of All — It is the most affordable TOEFL training course/system ANYWHERE in the world (and it is the best).  In fact, it is the ONLY one that is a complete system.

Secondly — because I have to eat.  You wouldn’t work for free would you?  Neither will I.

But I am making it easier than ANYONE ELSE in the entire world (and my course materials are better than theirs as well).  Just Get Started And You Will See How Good It Is  😉

About The System

What Do I Do First?

First of all — at least Sign-Up For The Free Level.  There you can start to find out the most important things you need to know BEFORE registering for The TOEFL Exam.

You can also get started with one of the Paid Subscription levels as well.  All levels start in the same place.

What Happens BEFORE The Exam?

Most people don’t realize it, but there is a lot that you need to Know, Have, and Do BEFORE registering, studying, and taking the exam.

You learn that information in both the free and the paid subscription levels of The system.

Planning For The Exam

Yes — this should actually start BEFORE you study for the exam, and DEFINITELY before you register.

In both the Free & Paid Subscription Levels, you will learn why, and HOW.

Preparing For The Exam

In All Levels (Free & Paid) — you learn:  The Format Of The Exam;  The Four Sections Of The Exam;  The Question- & Task-Types;  and The Scoring For Each Question & Section.

In The Paid Subscription Levels — you learn:  How To Identify Each Question- & Task-Type;  How to “Approach” Them;  as-well-as Strategies For Success on every single one.

Mastering The Exam

When You Get Into The Highest Level Of The Paid Subscription — you will learn not-only the strategies, but you will also learn all of the “Tricks & Traps” that I have discovered in over 10 years of teaching the exam.

And — you will also learn the “Master Skills” that I have developed and taught, that have helped more students than I can count, to achieve a score HIGHER than the score they needed and expected.

Add Yourself To That List Of Winners!


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